McCune International Art Gallery

From Legendary to Local, this gallery shows it all for Fayetteville

The David McCune International Art Gallery brings a continental ambience to Fayetteville, which fits nicely with all the visitors here from around the world doing a station at Fort Bragg. Access to the world-renowned visual art exhibits that travel to the McCune Gallery are helping modernize and glamourize the city.

The gallery “connects art and people while encouraging educational, creative experiences and human interactions,” writes Executive Director Silvana Foti. Exhibits since 2010 have included work by luminaries such as Chagall, Picasso, Rodin, and Warhol. Other exhibits feature artists with ties to Fayetteville or North Carolina, such as Lisa Stroud, Mison Kim, Victoria Pinney, Chris Hondros, and namesake artist David McCune.

Fayetteville artist “McCune is a nationally recognized metal wall art and sculpture artist with works displayed in homes, businesses, government facilities, colleges and universities across the country, and over twenty galleries. While he is well known for his metal sculpture, he also works in watercolors, acrylic, metal wall art, jewelry, and custom furniture.”

The gallery is housed within the William F. Bethune Center for Visual Arts and exists in the same vicinity as Huff Concert Hall, where the Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra regularly performs. This corner of Methodist University is quite the highbrow art enclave within the great breadth of art available in the city.

Thanks to generous donors and the support of the Arts Council of Fayetteville and Cumberland County, the exhibits are free for public viewing. Currently, free tickets for a timed entry must be acquired due to public health concerns.

It’s wonderful to have this art in our town, as well as easy access to other world-class museums like the Ackland Art Museum in Chapel Hill, Gregg Museum of Art & Design in Raleigh, the Cameron Art Museum in Wilmington, and the NC Museum of Art.

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