Editor’s Note Oct 2020: On Celebrations

New beginnings in every season

Fall is the traditional start of celebration season with so many holidays happening in September, October, November, and December. Many of these celebrations serve to mark cycles: harvests, calendars, return of light, death and rebirth.

So it’s fair to take a moment at this change of seasons and mark what you’ve done artistically throughout the past season or so far this year. Celebratory parties may be smaller this year, but we can still celebrate our small and large accomplishments. Think back over the time since we started staying home. Write a list of what all you have done, that you’re proud of. Could be big things, could be small things.

My list (in addition to many things baby related) includes writing 12 articles for this blog, going for 3 mile-long walks each week, and reading 19 books, including 4 on race/social justice/history of fighting white supremacy.

Once you’ve written your list, feel that pride throughout your body! You did all that! Way to go you!

And remember, there’s still 3 more months left in this Gregorian calendar year! What have you learned from your accomplishments that you can apply to a goal for the remaining quarter that will help you end 2020 strong?

For me, my goals include writing 12 more articles for Color of Fayetteville (that’s 12 more artists or arts events or arts organizations to celebrate!), read another 8-12 books (including 3 more on fighting white supremacy), and finding small ways to reconnect with artists in person. And voting.

I’d love to hear one each of your accomplishments and Q4 goals! Share below so we can cheer you on.

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